Safartica – the House of Adventures

 Far in the north is a house that holds within its walls adventures from all directions for each of the four seasons of the north. The house provides beginners and the more experienced with meaningful experiences around Arctic nature and culture. Depending on the season, the floor of the house is made of snow and ice or soft, sweet smelling spray twigs and mosses, and wild flowing water. Enhancing the ambiance, the ceiling is shaded with either the orange shades of the Midnight Sun, the purple glows, blazing Northern Lights or the deep blue starry night sky.

Safartica is a DMC office operating in Rovaniemi and our new location Ylläs, on and beyond the Arctic Circle, providing individual, group, charter and incentive activity programs in line with its principles of high quality services, flexibility and quick reaction to customer requirements and changing conditions. We believe in individual meaningful experiences and personal service. In Safartica’s programs the group size is never made too large, as we like to ensure quality time and great company. Our competent guides will become familiar with each of the participants.

Those looking for an unhurried Lapland need look no further. The duration of the program may be chosen to suit the time you have available, and we will make sure that our time together is not spoiled by rushing. Our visitors can concentrate on enjoying the scenery and fun activities without watching the clock.