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Vaattunki Wilderness Resort

Your Getaway to Pure Wilderness

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Surrounded by beautiful rapids of River Raudanjoki, lush shoreline forest and pristine nature, Vaattunki Wilderness Resort invites you for a stay in one of the most scenic places in Rovaniemi. A romantic atmosphere, sounds of silence and good cuisine make the Resort a perfect holiday location for those who want to enjoy pure nature and hunt for northern lights only 20 minutes drive from Rovaniemi center and 15 minutes away from the airport.


Vaattunki Wilderness Resort is a dream destination for people looking for a peaceful accommodation in one of the most scenic places near Rovaniemi. Four accommodation types offer a cozy stay for couples, families, and groups. Traditional log cabins, cozy wooden chalets, or modern panoramic huts located in the middle of the quiet wilderness leave an impression on every visitor:

Panorama Huts
1-2 persons per Hut + 1 extra bed in 10 Huts
Modern design and full-size window
Kitchenette, private bathroom/toilet

Riverside Apartment
Semi-detached apartment for 1-4 people + 1 extra
Kitchen and dining area, 2 bedrooms, own sauna

Stella Cabin
5 private rooms in traditional log cabin
2 persons + 1 extra per room
Private bathroom per room and shared lounge

Aurora Cabins
8 private rooms in traditional log cabin
2 persons per room
Shared lounge and bathroom per 4 rooms

Pure Relax

For those who want to de-stress or relax after a day outdoors full of exciting activities, the resort offers a sauna with jacuzzi located next to the river. And while the rapids of the river are too fast to swim there, you can enjoy the view and sound of it from warm jacuzzi – pure relaxation!

The resort restaurant offers different meal options during the day. And its cosy lounge area with a fireplace invites you to snuggle down on a sofa with a good book and get lost in your own world.

If you are looking for a Lappish culinary experience – we invite you to a remote, private tepee for a Lappish Kota Dinner. In the middle of a beautiful, old coniferous forest feel the warmth of an open fire and candles. While enjoying your starter you get to witness the main course, glow-fried salmon, being prepared by the open fire. After a delicious dinner one can have an evening stroll in the surrounding outdoor area.

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