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Nature & Sustainability

Nature & Sustainability

To cherish sustainability means, to us in Safartica, a broad notice of the world around us. It means not only preserving nature but also its animals, its people, its visitors, culture and future. To leave memorable impressions that may change one’s entire life. Lifetime learning and education. To be the forerunner and speak through our actions.

We are local, 100% Finnish company, with roots deep in Lappish lifestyle, culture and nature and we are committed to constant development in reducing our carbon footprint.

eSled fleet of electric snowmobiles

Safartica took a leap in preserving the environment and introduced the electric snowmobiles in all our destinations in winter 2020-2021. Together with Aurora Powertrains, the local innovators from Lapland, who hand build the fleet of electric snowmobiles, we offer pollution and gasoline free, silent and ecological way to travel in nature in Rovaniemi, Levi and Ylläs.

We only use existing infrastructure and already existing pathways, trails, and buildings to minimize the load on environment. We believe “off the beaten track” is a mindset of stepping out of your comfort zone rather than exploiting the wilderness. We work closely with the national forest administration Metsähallitus and follow the sustainability principles they have set in use of Lappish nature. We pay our fees and taxes and work only fully licensed supporting their preservation of the forests and national parks.

From Safartica you can also rent an extensive selection of outdoor equipment for sustainable sporting in the nature such as e-bikes, snowshoes, and skis.

Our choice of electricity company reduces the carbon footprint

Our choice of electricity company reduces the carbon footprint by producing only renewable energy sources.

We are also part of Pallas-Yllästunturi national park project “TOBE low carbon” to reduce the carbon footprint in national park area and as result applying for ISO certificate with local partners. The goal is to make Pallas-Yllästunturi national park and its surroundings even more environment friendly travel destination.

Safartica suppliers are handpicked selection of the finest in the area with excellent service quality and awareness of issues that matter the most to us. Animal well fair is close to all of our hearts and together we work openly to increase the awareness of animals working in tourism. Safartica is a reliable and loyal partner to work with.

We will never exploit nature

We never leave anything behind when spending days outdoors and we use only marked places for camping. We will never exploit nature, enter private areas or commerce on sacred places. Preserving local culture is all our responsibility and we believe through education and by supporting the local entrepreneurs we can help the original cultures the best.

Our daily routines include recycling, composting, using only what we really need, purchasing local goods and we have changed old oil heating systems to new technology electric ones. We have switched lightning into most energy efficient LED light sources and in our accommodation, we adjust the temperature and air ventilation to be optimal. We also encourage our customers to do so in our self catering accommodation options along with instructions to recycling and saving water.

Great adventures are build by great people.

Meet our professionals

Our staff consists of local and foreign nature enthusiasts trained not only to safety, first aid, customer service and smooth-running operations but also with sustainability matters in detail. Our aim is to one day be able to offer our staff year around work or work in off-seasons through our partners. We pay our employees full salary, insurance, health care and taxes and they have always a choice to choose their working hours best suitable for them and their families.

Safartica spirit is a known reason to return to work with us.

We also work very close with local schools and university, offer internship and training programs, taking part in planning the future of Lapland tourism and new generation of its people entering the worklife. Safartica also sponsors local sports teams of children.

We also cherish equality and welcome all ages, genders, and ethnicities to stay with us as guests or work with us as one in the team Safartica.

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