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Way above the Arctic Circle lays Europe’s northernmost outdoor resort, Saariselkä. The perfect getaway for those seeking to explore the heart of northern Lapland. Located in the fell region next Finland’s second-largest national park of the Urho Kekkonen National Park the resort offers an exquisite environment for outdoor activities. With wilderness at your doorstep, the resort yet offers a variety of services and accommodation options.

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The fell location of Saariselkä provides the best environment for outdoor activities. Whether you want to hit the ski trails and slopes, explore the wilderness by snowmobiles, meet our furry friends in our husky and reindeer safaris, ice fishing or ice karting and of course go hunting the Northern Lights – in Saariselkä we have all the best of Lapland for you!

In Saariselkä we also offer all the loved and wonderful safaris for you to enjoy! You can try your hand at snowmobiling, enjoy the thrill of a husky ride through the arctic forests of the area or even enjoy a peaceful reindeer ride or find your peace on a lake when ice fishing. Have a look at activities available in Saariselkä and see what would interest you.

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Email: saariselka@safartica.com
Phone: +358 40 838 8285