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Stories from Lapland

Winter-Spring in Lapland

Published on March 2019

Suvi Pasma / Sales Manager

Winter-spring. This is my favorite time of the whole winter season. Within the locals, this is the time period in the end of winter, between end of February and April, while in Safartica we call it the time between January and mid-April.

Days get longer and I have more energy, sun shines so that I need sunglasses to be outside and the sun is no longer just a light appearing – it actually warms in otherwise cold environment. It may even get you sunburned. Sky is often clear, days pamper the locals and travelers with white snow, blue sky and beautiful sunshine while the nights offer us starry sky with amazing Northern Lights. This all feels incredible after the dark polar nights. Arriving spring makes me feel alive again. Like I would have been hibernating the whole winter, just surviving from one day to another and suddenly woken up for the sunlight.

Trust me when I say that most of the locals feel the same way. Most of us have our own favorite activities to do, but similarly they are all done outside. In my childhood back in the 90’s, me and my sister were dressed into thermal overalls and sat in the snowmobile sledge together with backpack filled with hot chocolate in thermos bottle and sausages, some firewood and toboggans. The distance didn’t matter, at best we drove only a kilometer to the nearest small hill we could find, where me and my sister could slide with toboggans and my parents cooked sausages on a stick by the fire, that was lid just next to the slides. This could easily last for hours.

The others, like my grandpa used to, love ice fishing. Winter-spring is definitely the best time for it. Walk or drive with snowmobile to the best ice fishing spot, drill a whole on the ice and prepare the ice fishing rods and baits. Sit down on a small carriable chair, on the snowmobile or on a reindeer hide and – enjoy. It may sound boring, but it’s relaxing moment which is occasionally broken by the fish catching the bate. On best days the sun is shining so warm that you need to take off your winter jacket as it gets too hot. This is also the moment when you may suddenly get sunburned. In April you can easily spot those who are passionate ice fishers on the streets, as they look like pandas! In our snowmobile safaris you may see few of them sitting on the ice and greeting you with hand waive.


Finns are quite passionate skiers and there are hundreds of kilometers of cross-country ski tracks all over Lapland. Sun attracts even the laziest skiers to the tracks and there are often open ski competitions organized for children and adults. Local children will get their first skis in average at the age of 3 years and the hobby is continued throughout the whole kindergarten and school path. The same goes for ice skating, except that there are no skating competitions as the locals focus more on ice hockey and figure skating.

As said, this is the perfect time to enjoy the winter activities and I highly believe that back in the day the concept of tourism in Lapland has been created in winter-spring. As who wouldn’t love to experience the same as us? If you haven’t been in Lapland and you’re still wondering on which time period you should come, my answer is quite simple: come in March. If you like motorized activities, let’s arrange you a full day snowmobile safari with a total experience of 6 hours. Or for a group of friends, three to four night snowmobile safari in Lapland! Those who are into more full nature experiences, I’d recommend a snowshoe safari or 2 hour adventure with huskies. When packing your luggage, remember to pack your sunglasses and camera – you will need them!


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